Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not Forgotten

Whew, the end of the school year really keeps a Mom on her toes!  Also, the economy is picking up, which is evident by the way my business is picking up.  Read: companies are putting money into advertising once more. 
I'm also trying to finish the socks I've been knitting for Ezra for nearly a year.  I have about 50 rows to go. 

My garden needs weeding, and I have a bunch of work to do now, so this is really just to put something here. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Comcast Decision

I've already explained how the FCC has instituted a national broadband plan that aims to increase broadband access and create competition in the marketplace.  What I didn't mention in those pieces is that it is more than just lobbyists who are trying to thwart the FCC's plan.  Comcast and a few other telecomm giants actually sued in an attempt to limit the FCC's jurisdiction on the matter.

They won.

Which ultimately proves that our judicial system is broken and has given in to pressure from corporate America.  Which ultimately means that the people are screwed.  You no longer own yourself, you no longer have the right to expect access to utilities, and you better be prepared to pay big time for the utilities necessary to educate your family and keep yourself employed and competitive in a global market.

We've moved beyond lobbyists greasing the hands of self-serving politicians.  The Supreme Court has given corporations the ability to "donate" large sums of money to political candidates; our lower courts are continuing that trend.

The free market is only free for corporate America.  The cost for the people is steep.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'll eventually do a proper writeup about this, but I just bought a
new Babylock embroidery machine, and got new sock yarn in. So, the
only writing I'm doing is for clients. My computer is tied up in
searching for embroidery designs ;$

Monday, May 3, 2010

But suicide is against God's will...?

Fox "News" Talk Radio recently interviewed pastor Wiley Drake, a former VP of the Southern Baptist Convention.  In the interview, Drake talks openly about praying for President Obama's death.  He also attempts to apply logic to the idea of praying for somebody to die, and goes on to tell listeners that "many" people are happy to learn that the Christian God allows for such prayers.  I'm not a Christian, but I still call Bullshit.  These same people are often against doctor assisted suicide for terminal patients, and are vocal about their disdain of abortion rights. 
You can listen to the insanity here: