Saturday, March 28, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me how you can set out to help somebody and end up being the person who gets helped. This morning I set out with my dear friend Regan to volunteer at a free medical clinic being put on by several churches in our community. Neither Regan nor myself are church members, but my neighbor had mentioned this clinic a couple weeks ago, and Regan and I both jumped at the opportunity to get in a day of service.

Which brings up another curiosity. Regan and I both attended Transylvania University. Regan and I are both members of Alpha Omicron Pi. For four years each, we did mandatory volunteer work-- we had to get a certain number of volunteer hours each semester. We both have histories of volunteer work from our high school days. This begs the question-- do we enjoy volunteering now because we learned this behavior, or do we continue to enjoy volunteering due to some innate characteristic? Either way, a hearty day of volunteering leaves you feeling full and complete, and worn out in the best possible way. Like you've earned the right to sit in front of the tv for the rest of the evening, and fall asleep absurdly early. And it's worth falling asleep early because you know you will sleep well.

But back to my original point. I left out of here this morning intending to help somebody, intending to briefly enter a stranger's life and make it somehow a little bit better. Instead, I think I'm the person who was helped. I was assigned as an advocate, or buddy-for-the-day slash tour-guide, to a couple: Rose and James. They are your average lovely people, quite down on their luck. Absolutely the type of situation that breaks your heart and makes you entirely grateful for just how easy your life truly is. It seems Rose had a mini-stroke a few weeks ago, and has been living with it for weeks. She now uses a cane, and unfortunately all the clinic doctor was able to do is recommend that Rose go to a hospital for an MRI. Luckily, Regan and I were able to give Rose the peace of mind that when she goes to the hospital, there are programs in place to pay the medical bills. I hope that helps her. I hope knowing that somebody (me) cares deeply and desperately wants her to get help somehow helps her. I hope I was able to help Rose feel validated, like a deserving person. I just don't feel that I did enough to help her.

Rose did a ton to help me. Like I said, this clinic is a missionary outreach by several churches. In our morning's training, we were encouraged to proselytize (sp?) to our hearts' content. Uh-oh, I thought. My thoughts on Jesus are conflicted at best. I believe in God, but I also believe in Science. How am I going to lead people through this day when I'm expected to do it through faith that I might not have? How am I going to do the thing I am being asked to do? What if the people assigned to me are totally Godless? Will I be in trouble if I don't pray with them? What if they want me to give a prayer? Gosh, I hope don't freeze up.

But what happened instead is that I was assigned to Rose and James, who live a life steeped in deep faith. Instead of prostelitizing to them, they prostelitized to me, which was quite fine. All day long, I heard the word of God as translated by Rose and James. Some of it was questionable, but the point is this-- God reached out to me. And I really needed it. Then, quite at random, while standing in line for lunch, Rose told me to become a writer. I explained that it was a funny statement to make, particularly because I am a professional copywriter. A few minutes later, in chatty conversation she asked me a question about my husband's job. A question that does not match his current job, but totally matches a job that he interviewed for yesterday. I told her this, and she said "Oh, it must be one of my visions-- the job (with this particular characteristic) is his job, and though it will be new, he will excel at it. That's his job, and you all will be very happy."

So, I wanted deeply to help this woman, and instead God reached out through her and gave me the exact help I need. A boost to my Faith and a knowledge that everything really will be okay. I can't wait to find out if Rose is right about the job.

Friday, March 27, 2009

2 Down, 4 Left

Today marks the end of the second week of the job search. Mister has a phone interview this evening, and we're praying he gets some face to face interviews next week. Google announced this morning that it is laying off 200 people.

I openly admit-- I am scared stiff.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Are We There Yet?

I know I have been a bad blogger as of late, what with the not updating. Due to the poor economy, The Mister finds himself in the position of needing to find a new work position in the course of 5 weeks. As you can imagine, this has the entire household stressed to the max, what with the phone ringing off the hook and the iPhones beeping that Mister has email constantly. It's noisy, and stressful, and at the end of the day we all just want to collapse but the phones just keep rattling.

Which is great, we're just thrilled to have a sense that things will all work out alright in the end. But it is a long road to getting there. There are some very big decisions that must be made- like do we move and have to sell our house in this awful market when a comparable position is likely to be offered right where we are? If we move, with our sense of adventure flying like large red flags, will we regret it in a few years, only to find ourselves in a location with a smaller job market and longer commute? Perhaps most importantly, if we move to said location, can I have fancy-pants chickens? Where can I get some of those wooden shoes so they don't peck my toes when I feed them?

(Thanks to Curious/Funny Photos/Pictures for this guy.)

In the meantime, I am attempting to consider some Spring sewing that I had planned. I am currently coveting Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. All the sewing bloggers are going wild over it, and I really, really want this book-- on top of the clear instructions and detailed information explaining the point of what you are doing, it comes with actual paper patterns! Paper patterns! Say it again: Paper patterns! I am waiting for Mister's job mess to get cleared up before purchasing this fantastic wonder of a book, because I am a responsible adult like that. Geez, I hope it is very, very soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Snuggie Extravaganza

A couple weeks ago, we spent what is hopefully our last frigid Saturday of this winter with some friends who have a most charming daughter. Over the course of our expedition, it was pointed out to me that Maddie (the most charming daughter) was yearning for a Snuggie-- that backward robe/blanket thing they sell on T.V. If you are not familiar with the Snuggie, please pop over to YouTube and familiarize yourself before reading further.

Good. Now that you know what a Snuggie is, you will understand that my sewing self simply could not allow this charming young lady to go around in one. If you still don't understand the inherent problems with the Snuggie, please pop back over to YouTube and watch this. As a matter of fact, at some point you really should go watch this parady, because you will laugh quite hard. Be forewarned, the parady is not appropriate for work or children. There, I've linked the parady several times-- I hope you understand just how badly I think you need to see it.

Got that? Good. Now, as I explained, I simply couldn't allow this darling of a young lady to go through life like an old person. So, we invented our own version of the Snuggie. It's not for sale, and there is no pattern, we just winged it. Also, the back is closed on ours- the whole thing pulls on over the head. And it turned out pretty OK. And, I think she can now get away with wearing a Snuggie - esque thing to sleepovers and still get invited back. Check it out:

Can you see the coolness dripping off of her? SKULL Snuggie, people. I understand her parents had to fight it off her in order to get her to bathe, the warm awesomeness is that great!

Of course, Ezra got one too. I had enough fabric leftover to make him some pants too, which was convenient as he's outgrown his other tye-dyed polarfleece pants and has been going around all winter with them several inches too short and making snarky comments about how that monster for Christmas was great and all, but geez, he sure could use some new tye-dyed polarfleece pants. Now, he has the pants and a homemade version of the Snuggie:

Oh yeah, he's also the Silly Face King.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Last week, Ezra's teacher had his reading level assessed, and they found that he is quite advanced. In order to accommodate this, a couple teachers in the building will be working together to give Ezra the curriculum he needs, while balancing the much harder work with the fact that he is still a little guy. It's truly amazing that these teachers are going out of their way to help our family. As a show of gratitude, I gave them these:

These vases are so easy to make. Just hot glue colored pebbles at random. Of course, I had to include purple pebbles and purple flowers, as purple is the favored color of both myself and my kiddo. They were well recieved, but of course flowers are a small thanks for getting my child the help he needs at the very beginning of his academic career. These teachers deserve an award, and of course when I gave them the flowers, they both got teary and said "I'm just doing my job!" Indeed.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

You're going to hate me for this

A couple friends and I have been on a fondue kick lately, namely of the cheese and chocolate varieties. Purely by accident, I found this nifty little, very simple recipe for pure indulged happiness. It's so good, you're going to hate me for it.

In a pot, over low heat, gently heat a bit of heavy whipping cream. Stir in a bit of baking vanilla. Using a wooden spoon (the wooden spoon is Very Important), slowly and gently melt in dark chocolate (often found with the baking chips, but in my Kroger it is marked 62% Cacoa, not 'dark chocolate'). This makes a very simple, basic chocolate fondue. You can eat it with strawberries, bananas (my favorite), nuts, bits of pound cake, and some strange persons even enjoy dipping marshmallows. Personally, I think marshmallows are much too sweet to go ruining a perfectly lovely fondue with. Marshmallows belong in hot cocoa and s'mores. But whatever. Dip whatever suits you. I'm sure your dentist will appreciate it when you're paying for the new addition on his home.

Now here is where things really get good. Store the unfinished portion in a covered something in the fridge. Several hours later, or the next day, get a spoon from the drawer. Use that spoon to taste the hardened fondue. It is creamy. It is wonderful. Keep that stuff around. I'm sure it will keep for a few weeks in the fridge. Give it to sad friends. That way you'll have a gym buddy when it's all gone.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

If you live in Georgia

You all have a problem on your hands- one of your state Senators has gone rogue. New state legislation that appears to do away with the chance that Georgia will also end up with an OctoMom, contains language that certainly puts Georgia on the slippery anti-abortion slope. To read more about Georgia Senate Bill 169, click on over to a little pregnant-- she even gives you information on how to stop this rogue legislation. Do it today, before you lose all of your reproductive rights.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Learning To Speak Boy

Friday night, Ezra and I curled up on the couch and watched Madagascar 2. It is surprisingly funny and enjoyable. I generally do not like Disney sequels, but this one's a keeper.

We had such a sweet time snuggled up on the couch, laughing together. It was one of those moments with your child that helps you understand him better, to better know who he is right now and who he is becoming. We needed that.