Thursday, July 28, 2011

From the Trash Heap

This summer has been too busy, with not nearly enough fun and relaxing. We haven't had any time to garden, the vegetable and flower beds are all shamefully weedy, and I am completely unmotivated to go out in this godforsaken heat wave to do anything about it. The Lord may have taketh away my will to work in the hot sun, and my free time with which to do so; but the Lord Giveth too. An enormous cushaw plant has grown out of the compost bin, across two trees, and out into the yard. The gourds are enormous. I have no idea what to do with cushaws. Pie isn't really my thing, and you'll find out later why that option is off the table. So if you know what to do with cushaws other than put them in pie, please leave a comment. Otherwise, these will end up like their predecessor, and sit on the porch as lovely fall decorations. 

We only have two weeks before school resumes, and I miss my kid already. The summer started out rough; Mr M. and I were both in a large wedding, and no sooner was that wrapped up than his grandfather passed away. Multiple trips out of state, a vacation that was simultaneously too long and too short, and we had to put the Fiery Prince in day camp so I can work. I'm grateful for my job, and I really love my job, but I need the next two weeks to slow down and enjoy my kid. I haven't touched my sewing machine in weeks, and that shawl isn't knitting itself (trust me, I checked).

This fall promises to be even busier than the summer in very good ways, but I am still on the PTA board (this is likely my last year), and I've been asked to act as PR chair for the school. Add to that my new involvement with an exciting community group, and, well . . . some days I can barely get things done because my head is swimming with it all.

As there is no time like the present, I am adding Weight Watchers to my list of stuff to do every day. So I am likely going to blog about it. Today is day 4, and so far, so good. I will say, the new PointsPlus system is easier and more fulfilling than the old system, and many fruits and vegetables are 0 points, so you'll never starve. That's great, because my favorite fruit is in season, and as it's such a small window, I plan to eat all the cherries I can get my hands on.