Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

I've come down with some sort of cold/flu thing that keeps making me cough with a sound not unlike that which cows emit when laboring in the fields. I feel about like that too, struggling. Be that as it may, tomorrow is the last day of school before the Holiday Break, and I am too far behind to give up now. I am behind where I want/need to be with work, behind in laundry, behind housework (*ack, this one really makes me twitch), behind in my Christmas crafting. So, while hubby works a few feet away, doing his best to ignore my unattractive coughing and throat clearing, I am at my desk making a monster:

... from a picture that Little Man drew me. It is not an original idea on my part; a little birdy told me about it.

So, here I work, wishing for some honey'd tea, greatly looking forward to getting our art studio set up so my sewing won't be on my computer desk, and excited about a monster that throws its arms and legs at people.

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