Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You've Met Your Match, Mr. Monster Under the Bed

Beware the Oogely Oogely Monster! He throws his arms and legs at people!
A few weeks ago I asked Ezra to draw me a monster. I was awarded with this:

And decided to make it for him as a Christmas gift.

I also framed his drawing (we'll hang it over his bed, I have the perfect place in mind), and made a simple pillowcase with monster-themed flannel. You can see it a little just over Oogely's head. The great thing about Oogely is that those long, long arms are attached with large snaps. They can be removed and thrown -- get this-- at people!

I made this monster out of flannel instead of felt so that he can thrown into the washer. Big. Fat. Mistake. I should have followed the instructions (see prior post for link) and used felt. Because I used flannel, the whole thing had to be sewn inside out, then turned right side out. Ack! Hopefully it will pay off and Ezra will love Mr. Oogely so much that he needs a good cleaning occasionally. Next time, I'm using felt and sewing it from the outside. Dirt be damned.

Mr. Oogely is about to get wrapped up for Christmas, so for those who talk to my kiddo, please don't mention it until after Christmas morning!

Have a great Holiday! I will probably be away from the blog for a bit as we not only have Christmas, but also a dear friend's birthday and my own birthday this weekend. *Shout out to all the Christmas babies!* Happy Holidays and Happy Birthdays!

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