Thursday, January 22, 2009

Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition

On MLK Day, we were also gifted with a snow day:

Ezra made snow angels all the way around the block:

I hope lots of people encountered them and smiled:

I sure did.


For those who have heard tidbits and are confused, yes the day was partially ruined by a Golden Retriever, now called "Cujo" who barreled out of an open garage and attacked Ezra. Ezra is fine-- thank God for over sized puffy winter coats. The dog had no interest in me, even though I made myself as threatening as possible by kicking it and yelling for help. I guess this dog doesn't have children, or it would have known not to mess with a Mommy. The owner is obviously an idiot, and did not seem to comprehend just how bad the situation was or could have been. He obviously also does not have children, or he would have also known not to mess with a Mommy.

I guess he will find out soon, as Animal Control is labeling this an "Aggressive Dog Investigation" and just as soon as the idiot returns from wherever he's been for the past couple days, he will find a large man with a gun knocking on his door. The large men with guns have already knocked on my door twice because of this, and even though I'm the one who called them and my son is the victim, even I am intimidated by them. Did I mention they have guns? Also, they have rabies poles. They have informed me that they also have the ability to hit the idiot with a pretty severe fine, and the number that was quoted to me made me break out into a cold sweat.

Yes, I witnessed the guy let the dog out of a frontal door unleashed AND unattended. Yes, I want the dog gone, and (God help my immortal soul), I have to admit that I want to get one good last kick in before it goes. I am scared, and very very angry. However, I also do not want some freaking fight with one of my neighbors. Therein lies the problem. Ezra is not the only person that this dog has terrified. Many of the neighbors feel that this is the last straw as they are tired of being terrorized by a ninety-pound dog and an owner who insists that "Jake just thinks he's a Cocker Spaniel".

So, if you happen to see an angry mob carrying torches and yelling "Get the Monster!", please just stay inside. And now that you've read this and been brought up to date, please scroll back up and ponder the beauty of a little boy making snow angels in 1/2 inch of snow. It's important to focus on the beauty in life, and do our best to let go of the ugly. Snow angels.

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  1. Glad to hear that Ezra wasn't hurt. Here in Indy in the last year or two we have had many kids mauled by dogs left unattended. The dogs where supposedly "nice" & "harmless". I say prosecute this guy to the fullest!!!!