Friday, February 13, 2009


One of my goals this year is to start dressing and grooming myself like the grown-up, professional woman I am. It is time to toss the Mommy clothes and allow a little of my focus to rest on making myself look and feel better. I'm just saying, it's hard to look somebody in the face and tell them that you are a great professional when you're wearing baggy cargo pants. Even if it is just at school pick-up.

It just happens that our Macy's recently opened a Lush shop! I went there last night, and the smell of clean that emanates from the Lush space is amazing. I mean, that's the squeaky clean smell I wish my house had after I clean it. They really should bottle the Lush smell so I can deodorize my carpets with it. Lush is pricey (in my opinion), but it's all natural, vegetarian and often vegan person care products that certain friends of mine swear by. To that end, I got myself this:

Sorry the picture is fuzzy, it's hard to take a self-portrait in the morning. That is the Ayesha mask from Lush. It is made with artichokes and lots of herbs and earthy clay. A little goes a long way, and because it is all-natural you have to use it up in the course of a few weeks. I reckon I'll be doing this often in the next few weeks- I don't want my $7 to go to waste.

I can't find Ayesha on the website, probably because it is made in the store and has a short shelf life, but it is suppossed to lift and make the face more radiant. The label says the effects last long enough for a night out, and the clerk swears that it's true. As she was very open and honest about her habit of tasting their products, I'm apt to believe her. Also, it smells fantastic.

(*sigh* back to work)

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