Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Do you hear that? The sound of a quiet house? At the risk of sounding like a horrible mother, I really have to admit that I'm really enjoying the quiet now that school is back in session. I wish I didn't have so much work to make up- I'd love to take a nap in all this quiet.

As it happens, I don't really have time for a nap. Instead, I will take a minute to share with you some things I'm trying out this week.

Hanes Her Way panties. A friend turned me on to them, and yesterday I bought the Boy Briefs with ComfortSoft Waistband, and the No Ride Up ComfortSoft Waistband Bikinis. I tried them on when I got home, washed them, then showered and shaved my legs before putting them on. That's right- these are so good, I shaved my legs for them. I realize that they are not the pinacle of sexy, but a girl needs cute, comfy daily-wear underoos. And, the boyshorts are so comfy that they make me feel kicky and sexy. Suck it, Victoria's Secret.

I have thick, curly hair that seems to only get thicker and curlier the older I get. About a week ago, I noticed that my hair dryer of about 15 years wasn't really getting hot or drying anything exactly. Being that we are in the throes of winter, I have to dry my head every day, so yesterday I sucked it up and bought a Conair Ion Shine with Cord Keeper, for the exhorbinant price of $20 USD.

I guess in the years since I've investigated hair dryers, they've all gone Ion. I like it so far, and have to admit that it does indeed create less frizz -- really very important for a person known for having great big hair. I really love the cord keeper function as I don't keep my hair dryer out (that would be cluttery) and have to lug it out of the closet every freaking day. But the absolute, very best thing about this dryer is that the diffuser stays on. My old dryer dropped the diffuser on my head on a daily basis, and I'm pretty sure I've suffered brain damage over the years by being beaten in the head with this necessary attachment (remember, big curly hair. I have to use the diffuser).

I actually opened the box in the store, attached the diffuser to the dryer and proceeded to wave it around frantically. Ezra didn't even notice this wild display, but a few other customers regarded me with wariness. When it held, I knew I'd found what I'd always dreamed of. A dryer that really holds the diffuser. Not being maimed in the mornings is worth $20, and I must admit that I'm thrilled the old one finally died and allowed me the freedom to not get knocked in the head daily.

Thanks to the Hive Mind over at Ask Metafilter, I am also trying out a new (for me) cleaning product this week. Those who know me well, well know that I take my cleaning and cleaning products very seriously. I don't like harsh chemicals, but I do love a clean home. Many months ago I read a thread on Metafilter about Dr. Bronner and his magic soap. It's worth checking out just because the guy was such a nut. As it turns out, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap is good not only for cleaning your body (though I'm not about to try castile soap on my body, I need MOISTURE), it is also good for cleansing your soul. And your house. Mix a little of it with water in a spray bottle and go to town. Walgreens was out of the Lavender scent, so I got the Peppermint scent. So far I'm liking it, and I just have to say it-- now our shit don't stink. My bathroom now has a faint peppermint scent, and the stuff really did a decent job of cleaning without leaving yucky chemical residues behind in my shower. I'm usually a Method girl, and I doubt I'll give up Method entirely, but for cleaning sinks and showers I might be converted. It's just hard to argue with a soap that cleans, deordorizes, and saves your soul.

So, happy me roundup. I'm really following my dreams this week. Underpants that don't ride up, a hair dryer that doesn't beat me about the head and shoulders, and now our shit don't stink. The temperature is falling to 20 degrees Feirhenheit this afternoon, so I have to close up the curtains in anticipation of le Cheney sucking the heat out of my windows. And I have to get back to work.

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