Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lessons learned

We are almost four weeks through this crisis, and though the end is not necessarily in sight, there are some hot irons on the fire. In the meantime, I've been reflecting on what we've learned in all this.
Lesson 1: Be open to the messages that God and Universe send to you. Take faith in them, even when it seems absurd, as this faith will help you get out of bed every single day.

Lesson 2: Love each other. I hear about people losing their jobs in this bad economy who then go on to lose their families as well. Chris and I are not about to lose our lives, everything that we've worked to build, over money and material matters. Our family is more than that, and we will not let it go because some power-money-hungry people fucked up the economy. The Republicans might cost me my house, but they will never take my life. Also, keep loving each other, even when the stress is so terrible, the worry so palpable that you just don't have the energy to even look the other person in the face. That love will soothe you at the end of stressful, terrifying day, and will make tomorrow easier to face.

Lesson 3: Don't just look at where you've been and what you've done before. Take this opportunity to think about where you want to go. Then reach for it with all your might. Reach high, high above your head. Reach for greatness, and personal expansion. Reach hard and long, and you will most likely come out on top.

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