Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Take This Job and Shove It

For about a decade, I have had the unfortunate job of helping to ensure that tobacco companies and farmers were employed. Well, today I told that boss where to go.
I have never been public about my attempts to quit smoking. In the name of taking full responsibility, I am here officially announcing that I Quit.

Today is Day 1. So far I've spent a significant amount of time thinking about cigarettes, but I had Chris put my patch on in such a place that I cannot reach it to remove it so as to smoke, so I'm staying strong. And I'm announcing it so that I cannot hide. I have to follow through.

Being that my last cigarette was last night, according to the smoking cessation timeline, I am now enjoying these benefits:

*Blood pressure and pulse have decreased, and the temperature of my hands and feet have increased, illustrating healthier blood flow.

*It has been over 8 hours, therefore my carbon monoxide level has dropped to healthy normal. My blood oxygen levels are well on their way back up.

Day's positive reason to quit: I will enjoy summer activities (like the pool) more if I'm not constantly wishing I could take a smoke break.

1 comment:

  1. I quit smoking 5 years ago June 1st. It can be really hard but it is so worth it.
    I only crave a cigarrette once in a blue moon now--probably twice a year.
    So even though right now that craving is there (and quite a bitch) every moment for you, I PROMISE it goes away.
    It does get easier and it does get more unbelievable that you ever enjoyed it.
    One lasting side effect? You'll be a lot more sensitve to the smell of smoke than people who never smoked. It is so repulsive to me now.
    Good luck and stay strong! You can do it!!