Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waxing Poetic

So, with a little over 24 hours to go before my baby officially starts Kindergarten, it seems I'm starting to feel the weight of the situation. So, I'm waxing poetic.

Kindergarten. Goodbye baby.
Time to live your life,
to find your own path.
Time for me to find mine.


The journey ahead of you seems incredible
to you.
It seems incredibly intimidating
to me.


  1. Woah! Kindergarten already! I can't believe it. Will he get to stay at the same school?

  2. Yes, time flies! And we lucky that he is at the same school, AND has the Kindergarten teacher that he worked with last year, so she's well prepared to meet his needs :D

  3. Isabella isn't even going to kindergarten this year and I get all teary eyed thinking about how it is the start of a whole new chapter for her, she won't be my baby anymore, she'll really come into her own and starts the path toward needing me less and less blah blah blah...
    Maybe I'll get a puppy when she goes to kindergarten too...

  4. That's exactly it-- and it becomes a whole new chapter for you too.

    I have to warn against getting a puppy though... ours is a wild heathen and she wears me out!