Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finding Time

Lately I feel like all I do is find time for everything.  It's become my tag line: I'll find time for it.  This is frustrating because I feel like the different aspects of my life are completely at odds.  Common problem, I know.  It's summer and all of my plans have been completely changed, which is fine because it's work and I'm growing a company and my own skills (and Ezra's tuition savings), but it means less lazing around with my boy.  That makes me sad.

But there lots of things that are also making me happy.  The gardens are coming along nicely.  Ezra has blue hair for the season.  The pool is heated.  And also these things (mostly found via How About Orange, thanks!):

The Victoria and Albert Museum has launched a free online patchwork quilt pattern maker.  You upload a photo and it helps you create a pattern.  I intend to do it with this picture, taken two years ago in Puerto Rico, and I've always thought it would make a lovely quilt for my bed.
Once the design is done, I want to print this photo on fabric and put it on the quilt sort of in front of the buildings part:
And maybe this one too:

I also really love this pretty dry erase board, it solves a major problem I've had for years! I'm looking for an empty picture frame as I type this.

Also, I'm loving this free Lobster font, and the Google Font Directory, which I just now learned about.

So, I hope this helps you find time for something you love too.


  1. Love the Lobster font. Didn't know about google's font directory either! I recently found a few good ones, too. Love having new fonts!

  2. Here are two I recently found that I really like:
    Kingthings Exeter (and there's a few others) and johanna (couple versions)

    And the boy's photo is adorable, of course!!!

  3. Just made my very own custom dry erase board. Love it!!