Sunday, June 30, 2013

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training: Getting my butt kicked to kick cancer's butt

When I think of Leukemia, I think of the children who lose their childhoods to this awful disease. When I think of Lymphoma, I think of my Grandfather who battled cancer for a decade.

The Team in Training experience will be admittedly difficult for me. I'm not a strong runner, and I'm certainly not a morning person. To do this, I'll have to become both. For the next four months, I'll go to bed early (no small feat for a night owl), and drag my sorry self out of bed early (no small feat for a decidedly NOT morning person). I will run a minimum of three miles each morning, except Wednesdays and Saturdays when I will train long distances with my Team. The goal is to raise $1000 and run my first half-marathon, 13.1 miles, in November.

One thing I won't have to change in this process is that I am an advocate for important causes. Finding a cure so that no child loses their childhood to these illnesses is certainly an important cause. Thank you for your support as I embark on what I expect will be a life-changing experience.

Tonight, I'm turning in at the same time my kid goes to bed so I can get up early and get running. It's the first step in working to find a cure so more kids can have more smiles and more days at the beach. So more kids can have the kind of carefree childhood we try to give our son. 

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