Saturday, December 27, 2008

Save Handmade

I am very much in favor of legislation that protects our children from shoddy products. That said, I am against legislation that will make it more difficult for the thousands? millions? of women in this country who are able to stay home with their children because they make and sell useful art. The best baby sling I ever had for Ezra (and we tried several) was handmade by a woman via the internet. I had to email her to order one. I had to measure myself and talk to her about what functionality I needed. I paid a lot of money for that sling, and it was probably the most useful piece of baby equipment we own. I never felt that it was unsafe-- on the contrary, it was easier and safer to use, with less risk of my baby falling out than any of the store bought slings we tried. T-shirt clips never held T-shirts well, why should I trust my baby's safety to one? My handmade sling was so safe and easy to use.

I now see her slings, with her company name, for sale in Target. If that woman hadn't been able to sell her hand sewn creations via the internet, without a bunch of government hassle and added expense, Ezra's collic days would have been a lot more difficult to live through. So, check out the button (Chris just spent time teaching me a little html), educate yourself on the cause.

Save Handmade Toys

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