Monday, January 5, 2009

Open and Honest

A few years ago I started my first blog with the intention of using it to explore and discuss my infertility issues. At the time, my son was at home and I found that I just never had it in me to open up about it. I'm finding that it is still difficult, but I have hope that if I open up, somebody suffering through infertility will find this blog and maybe I will be able to help that person. If only knowing that somebody else has been there.

It seems that I am nearing the end of my infertility struggle, so from time to time I will possibly post about things that happened years ago. I may jump around a bit- putting it all into a timeline is something I don't feel up to right now.

I will start by saying this: After years of struggling to find the cause, I finally took myself to an Endocrinologist of my choosing. She looked back through my history, and really truly listened to what I was telling her. About a year ago, she decided that the problem lay in something I had been told when I was 15. Then, I was told that I had cysts on my ovaries that I would outgrow once I finished puberty. I didn't outgrow them, and in fact I have Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD, also called PCOS). Not only is this causing my infertility, but a host of other health symptoms and problems that have to be untangled and dealt with.

There. It's out. For those who aren't so interested in my health issues, I will still be posting regularly about my son, my art, my life. But I need to also talk about my illness because it really is the backdrop against which the rest of my life is lived.

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