Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day Redux

Well, I guess somebody at the top got the message that last week's snow day didn't turn out too well. We got a do-over, and boy oh boy have we been snowed and iced in! We're going on day four of cooped up, but yesterday even the men-folk were home, so in the name of getting the kids out to play, a snow-ball fight ensued amongst children and adults alike. Yesterday was a great day, the kind of day that makes you really love the place you live.

The men-folk returned to work today, though the women and children were still mostly iced in. Today was fairly calm and peaceful. I fell on the ice and hurt my arm, but I don't think it's broken, though it hurts like the devil. Luckily, Mr. TFM and I both suffer bouts of carpel-tunnel syndrome (WoW), so I had a wrist brace handy. While I could have done without the injury, I have to admit that I love shoveling snow. When you've been cooped up for a couple days, shoveling snow really takes the anxious right out of a person. I shoveled all the snow I could reasonably shovel, up until I realized my wrist was really too hurt to go on. I will sleep the pure sleep of the clean-conscienced, worn-out.

Onto the photos!

That tree is seriously encased in ice. The tree damage to this neighborhood's old trees would make the Lorax mad at Mother Nature. I did NOT edit out the background on the above photo; it's really that white out.

That tree is entirely encased in ice. We've gone way above and beyond raising a tree-hugger. We're raising a tree-licker. The adult behind the tree is throwing snowballs. I'm telling you, it's a great neighborhood. It was a great day.

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  1. Wow, now I'm a little jealous. You make snow and ice look fun :)