Monday, January 12, 2009

So Good, You Can't Read It At Bedtime

My friend and neighbor, Anna, introduced me to the book series that HBO's "True Blood" is based on. The books kick the tv show's butt. They are so good, I'm having hard time doing anything other than reading them, and laundry is really piling up around here. They are hard to get at the library, as they are so ragingly popular, but are so good they are worth buying. Amazon has the box set at a very reasonable price, and also has used books available. Run out and get yourself started. Your only regret will be that you will have to put them down long enough to feed yourself.

The author is Charlaine Harris, the series is "The Sookie Stackhouse Series" and the first book is titled Dead Until Dark. Harris has created a rich, magical world that you won't ever want to leave. Girl meets vampires. Vampires get girl into all kinds of trouble. Vampires take good care of girl. Readers swoon.

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  1. ZOMG. I'm in love with this series, too!! I'm on the next to the last book right now. They're like reading crack!! The new book comes out in paperback in April, I think and the next book debuts in May.
    A good place to find them... WalMart. The devil, but the devil has them below market value. yay!