Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playing Dead

We've had a particularly busy and off-schedule few weeks, and now that most of the things that were running us raged are done, we are all rather deflated and worn out. To that end, we purchased and downloaded Pop! to our Wii.

This game is great, you just pop bubbles. You can play it timed, against each other, or cooperatively. All in all, the game is much better conceived than I had expected for $7.

And I really must insist that you watch this demo on YouTube. Just so you'll truly understand just how mellow we are being over here. Now it's time for my nap.


  1. I sure hope things were just running you ragged and not actually raged ;)

  2. Indeed, ragGed. See, I'm so worn out that my words are all messed up!