Monday, March 9, 2009


Last week, Ezra's teacher had his reading level assessed, and they found that he is quite advanced. In order to accommodate this, a couple teachers in the building will be working together to give Ezra the curriculum he needs, while balancing the much harder work with the fact that he is still a little guy. It's truly amazing that these teachers are going out of their way to help our family. As a show of gratitude, I gave them these:

These vases are so easy to make. Just hot glue colored pebbles at random. Of course, I had to include purple pebbles and purple flowers, as purple is the favored color of both myself and my kiddo. They were well recieved, but of course flowers are a small thanks for getting my child the help he needs at the very beginning of his academic career. These teachers deserve an award, and of course when I gave them the flowers, they both got teary and said "I'm just doing my job!" Indeed.

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