Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Snuggie Extravaganza

A couple weeks ago, we spent what is hopefully our last frigid Saturday of this winter with some friends who have a most charming daughter. Over the course of our expedition, it was pointed out to me that Maddie (the most charming daughter) was yearning for a Snuggie-- that backward robe/blanket thing they sell on T.V. If you are not familiar with the Snuggie, please pop over to YouTube and familiarize yourself before reading further.

Good. Now that you know what a Snuggie is, you will understand that my sewing self simply could not allow this charming young lady to go around in one. If you still don't understand the inherent problems with the Snuggie, please pop back over to YouTube and watch this. As a matter of fact, at some point you really should go watch this parady, because you will laugh quite hard. Be forewarned, the parady is not appropriate for work or children. There, I've linked the parady several times-- I hope you understand just how badly I think you need to see it.

Got that? Good. Now, as I explained, I simply couldn't allow this darling of a young lady to go through life like an old person. So, we invented our own version of the Snuggie. It's not for sale, and there is no pattern, we just winged it. Also, the back is closed on ours- the whole thing pulls on over the head. And it turned out pretty OK. And, I think she can now get away with wearing a Snuggie - esque thing to sleepovers and still get invited back. Check it out:

Can you see the coolness dripping off of her? SKULL Snuggie, people. I understand her parents had to fight it off her in order to get her to bathe, the warm awesomeness is that great!

Of course, Ezra got one too. I had enough fabric leftover to make him some pants too, which was convenient as he's outgrown his other tye-dyed polarfleece pants and has been going around all winter with them several inches too short and making snarky comments about how that monster for Christmas was great and all, but geez, he sure could use some new tye-dyed polarfleece pants. Now, he has the pants and a homemade version of the Snuggie:

Oh yeah, he's also the Silly Face King.


  1. I love the homemade non-snuggies and the parody.. Have you seen this one?
    LOL :)

  2. Wow. That is awesome. I myself, cannot abide the thought of a snuggie, but I must say that I am jealous of the skull one that you made. Too cool.

  3. the skull snuggie you made is rockin'. if they had that pattern on tv i might have considered buying one for a friend.