Saturday, July 6, 2013

TNT Day 6: Screaming in the Rain

shin splints you mean bitch legs - overly manly man
Back-story: I developed shin splints when I ran track (for a brief period) in high school. Never really got over them. Last summer, when I started running, they reared their ugly selves. I learned some stretches, and sometimes Hubs will help with special exercises for them. Mostly I find that I need to ice my legs two or three times a day and take ibuprofen in the morning and at bedtime if I'm going to have any hope of managing the pain when I run.

So, Day 6. I decided, again, that I'd rather run in the rain than in the gym. Might be cancelling that gym membership soon. So I headed out, and the pain started almost immediately. At first, I was able to cope. I stopped at one point and did some gentle stretches, trying to loosen up in the hope that it would help my shins. No luck. By the time I was at two miles, I was near tears. I kept going until mile three, with about a 1 part walking to 3 parts running ratio. At mile three, I stopped running entirely when the pain got so severe that I literally bent at the waist and yelled into the pavement. I limped 7/10 of a mile home, trying not to cry out with every step.

Day 6 stats: 3.72 miles | 70 minutes. Hurting badly.

I'm glad tomorrow is a scheduled rest day. I've spent lots of time sitting and gently stretching and icing today, and tomorrow I'm going to do pretty much the same. I'm going to seek some yoga classes to take on my rest days. Hopefully loosening up will help my body take the stress off my shins (it's helped before). Even if it doesn't work, I need to do something with that gym membership!

If that doesn't work, there's one more option...

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