Friday, May 29, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Naked Words show was amazing! We had approximately 138 guests, and are told that it is the largest turn-out for an event like this that the Carnegie Center has ever had! People were standing everywhere, sitting everywhere, the crowd bled out the door. We made them laugh, we made them cry. They gave us a standing ovation, and lovely, touching words of gratitude. We reached out to 138 people, and made a difference. A difference in peoples' perspectives, a difference in how people feel about themselves and their body issues. We made a difference in ourselves and how we feel.

The strange thing is- none of us seems to feel done with this project. We are all wondering, where do we go from here? We are thinking that it may be time to start packing our bags and taking it on the road. So, if anybody has ideas for good venues, please leave comments or email me.

We are sisters in Naked Words, and we might not be ready to let go. We are certainly not letting go of each other. These amazing women who sat behind me while I told my story, who I could feel rooting for me, supporting me, sending me strength and good thoughts the entire time I spoke. I hope they could feel me doing the same for them.

Thanks to all who came, who listened, who sat in that hot room and forgot that they were hot. Thanks to all who cried, and who laughed, and who stood up and applauded. Thanks to all who could not be there, but sent us sweet words of encouragement and thought of us the whole time. We felt your thoughts, your strength, your love too. Thanks to those who partied with us afterword, and repeatedly told us how great it was. How we moved you, changed you, fed your souls. Thanks to Donna Ison for putting this together, getting the grant, telling us a billion times that our words are wonderful and that we wouldn't fall on the waxed floor and embarrass ourselves. Thanks to Theo Edmonds for coming from NYC to decorate our after-party with amazing artwork, and allowing us to use Pork Chops and Applesauce (is that the real name of the painting? What is the actual title?) as our poster art.

Thank you Naked Sisters for having my back.


  1. I'm so sorry I missed the Naked Sisters! It sounds as though it was a magical evening. Maybe you could do a road show when I'm in KY in July.

  2. Sorry I missed it too! Sounds amazing!